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Many people struggle combining a busy life with providing their dog with sufficient physical and mental stimulation. As a result dogs get bored and become destructive, they might get anxious or become reactive.

The uniqueness of the PULLER is that it is able to provide the necessary workout in a very short amount of time. Just three simple exercises for 20 minutes are comparable to 5km of intensive run.

Highlights / Features

– PULLER is made with high-purity polymer. It is LIGHT WEIGHT and therefore allows small dogs and children to use it as well
– FLOATING, the material allows the projectile to float.
– ODOURLESS, has no smell.
– DOESN’T INJURE the dog’s teeth and gums. The uniqueness of the material allows teeth to sink in the material. The shape and properties PULLER persist for a long time.


Mini – 18 cm x 2 cm
Midi – 19 cm x 3 cm
Large – 28 cm x 4 cm
Maxi – 29 cm x 7 cm


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Mini, Midi, Standard, Maxi